Conscious consumption in Belgium


Join For Water stimulates conscious water consumption and a smaller water footprint among Flemish consumers. Just because water flows so easily from the tap and we can consume all possible products from all corners of the world at affordable prices, we rarely dwell on the fact that our consumption pattern has a major impact on the water resources here and elsewhere in the world. 

In Flanders too, due to climate change and the high population density, freshwater supplies are under pressure and there is water stress. Not enough consumers know that by drinking our daily coffees, eating avocados and wearing jeans, we also appeal to water supplies elsewhere in the world. In the countries from which we import these products, water is not an inexhaustible resource either, and its use must be carefully weighed up.

Through cooperation with Flemish cities and municipalities and their schools, we try to make people aware of their water footprint. This is the total volume of water we consume: both directly (the water from the tap) and indirectly (the water needed to produce products).